SET of 5 Escort MK2 rs1800 Minilite rims

SET of 5 Escort MK2 rs1800 Minilite rims

Artikelnummer: DISTTK24151

Set of accurate and correct 13 inches minilite rims for the escort mk2.


The kit is a nightmare, we all know that, but the rims are a huge mess. It features 4 15 inches rims, with slick tires, that are too much tucked in the arches, making it look damn bad. Not to mention, they require a lot of clean up in the lastest re-issues. So, after several requests, we made this set of accurate minilite rims with their spacer (up to you to use and modify them it you feel like).

Overall, the car is now more accurate, with 13x9 in front and 13x11 rims in the back. It is not easy to fix a unique rim size, as in each race they literally changed pretty much everything. So we decided to go for an aggresive but not extreme look, that will please the eyes the most.

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