SET of 5 1/18 Rally Interiors super detailing set

SET of 5 1/18 Rally Interiors super detailing set

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Have you been thinking about how to super detail your rally car interiors? There are always so many objects inside those racing cars, everything that is required to perform quick repairs on the run, both on cars and drivers!

So, after a long research, and several discussion with some rally team managers and insiders, we put together with our consulting team this set, designed specifically to super detail at least 2 cars! Check the instruction sheet in the pictures to find out what we decided to include!

Part count is high, over 50 3D printed resin parts, provided uncleaned for ease of management. Comes with a colorfull instruction sheet

The list of contents includes:

2x hand held fire extinguishers

2x automatic fir extinguishers with supports, separate contaiment belts, and pressure gauge and auto-pump

2x modern evocorse cricks

2x older style rally cricks

2x Makita drills, with their carbon fiber encasing

2x WD40 spraycan with decals

3x medikit boxes with decals

3x cross wrenches, standard and 2 rally designed

4x mobile phones

2x flashlights

4x copilot reading lights

2x torque wrenches

2x emergency triangle cases, a little extra touch of realism for your creations!

1x Makita spare battery, always better have a backup!!


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